Almost every successful person begins with 2 beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so..."


How It Works?


Why Lineology?

Welcome to the world of clairvoyant readers, who are committed to guide you in making the right choice.

Hand-picked readers

When it comes to picking the readers, we are hard to please. Our readers comprise of people from different walks of life: gurus of their respective areas. They undergo an extensive test before becoming part of our team / Lineology.

Simplicity is in our process!

At Lineology, we believe in utmost transparency. And that’s why we have eliminated all possible intermediaries. Ask a simple, straightforward question and get a simple honest reading in return. It’s that easy!

Delivery within 48 hours

Being punctual is one virtue that we treasure the most. So, as soon as you voice out your concerns, or ask a question, we make sure to get started without further ado. So, you might have to wait for other things in life, but not longer than 48 hours with us.

Watch reading unlimited times

In this fast paced world, forgetting things is quite natural. But, don’t worry, we understand this, and so you can see your reading as many times as you want. After all they are your readings, who are we to tell you when or for how long!